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not worth the movie going price

By vsmall
Written August 05, 2013
this movie seems like it was SUPPOSED to be rated R but made to be PG-13... cutting out should have been some pretty gruesome blood everywhere scenes, and shadow play. Also the dreams and regret get very repetitive and unnecessary. there's the fact that wolverine loses his healing for a period, yet his hands are unaffected when he releases his claws?... and lastly, the story was not exciting in any way, nor did the ending make me want to see the next X-men movie (sadly)
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Really Awesome Movie

By kenyattamack
Written January 31, 2015
I really enjoyed the movie, I loved seeing Wolverine out of his element in Japan. This movie is a must see, heads up as all Marvel Movies normally have a clip during the credits and I didn't see that coming.
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Another slow, disappointing Wolverine movie to go with Orgins

By goodnplenty64
Written February 13, 2016
I thought this movie would make up for the first Origins movie w/ Wolverine.. no luck. Deep in story, slow in getting it across and very limited on "real" action. I understand the plot trying to be told and truly understand it but just not worth the $15 to see in the theater where that experience should be well above watching at home.
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I liked it

By Desh2424
Written July 26, 2013
Wolverine was a great watch, especially for the comic book Fans. Hugh Jackman is the real deal! He does a great job as Wolverine. The Post Credit got everyone wanting to see more!!! .. you have to love the post credit in these marvel movies!!!
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The best of them yet!

By Roninboy7
Written May 25, 2015
As a forewarning to any hardcore fan of the original Wolverine comics for this story arc, It has it's twists and off scripts. Sure it may not be 100% of the original story when Wolverine is in Japan and falls in love with Mariko, or his Japanese nemesis the Silver Samurai. But despite that one thing, This is a Wolverine movie that has buried all the previous ones! Has Romance, drama, comedy, action, etc. Has everything you'll love in a Wolverine movie. My advice is GO SEE IT!
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