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A little too much drama for me

By StonDimaQL8
Written July 26, 2013
A lot of scenes in the movie were extremely predictable. All the drama kinda killed the excitement a bit. Decent movie, but I probably wouldn't watch it again...
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Probably the best Wolverine movie made

By master_jedi
Written July 26, 2013
If you're expecting to see the hack and slash Wolverine, you'll be disappointed. This is a pretty good Wolverine movie and focuses on Wolvie's comic history with his days in Japan...and in my opinion probably the best Wolverine performance Hugh Jackman has played. Thanks to Jackman's acting Wolverine is quietly becoming to the X-Men movie franchise what Iron Man is to the Avengers movie franchise...a must have. This is a definite upgrade from the Wolverine Origins movie. The plot is pretty solid, and the acting isn't bad. You get a feel there's something more in store for the Canadian mutant. Some won't ike it, but it does flesh his hollywood character out. It's worth seeing in theaters.
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By eddmir
Written September 03, 2013
This movie was beyond "must go", it is "do not miss on the big screen". This is the Wolverine that we have been waiting for. I would pay to see this movie again!!!
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not worth the movie going price

By vsmall
Written August 05, 2013
this movie seems like it was SUPPOSED to be rated R but made to be PG-13... cutting out should have been some pretty gruesome blood everywhere scenes, and shadow play. Also the dreams and regret get very repetitive and unnecessary. there's the fact that wolverine loses his healing for a period, yet his hands are unaffected when he releases his claws?... and lastly, the story was not exciting in any way, nor did the ending make me want to see the next X-men movie (sadly)
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Really good movie-some plot holes

By Shelley913
Written July 29, 2013
The story line is pretty involving but there were some plot holes and inconsistencies. I won't give any of those away, you'll just have to see it yourself and see if you can spot them. I really didn't get the love interest between wolverine and the rich Asian girl-I thought he was more suited to her(adopted) sister because she was more like him, and spunkier. It really would have been fine without the love interest. The twist at the end is good-but I figured it out in the beginning of the movie. Overall, Hugh Jackman is one of the better actors in Hollywood and it's always a pleasure to see him in anything. Wolverine is a good action movie and it's substantial enough to be worth the 2+ hours length. Definitely a "go see" movie!
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