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Hugh, Hugh, Hugh

By Maryjaneishere
Written November 23, 2014
O.K. I admit it. The only reason I watch this X-Men series is to look at Hugh Jackman. He is SOOOO much better than this story. The Shizu's acting was amazing.
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Great Movie

By jeakins87
Written November 29, 2014
I had a blast watching this action packed movie. It really kept my attention and you learned much about "The Wolverine" throughout the entire movie. I have seen every one of the XMEN movies and with that being said - I LOVED this movie.
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A Disappointment

By avid_movie_goer773
Written October 25, 2014
*sigh* This movie was such a let down and I had high hopes for it... smh! it doesn't keep in tune with the other movies of Xmen or Wolverine origins as far as the pace and the excitement. The best part of the movie was after the credits and it gave a 2 min teaser for another movie..SPOILER ALERT!!
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The Wolverine

By quitit
Written December 18, 2014
I loved this ... And as a "Marvel" fan .. I know that the best part of any "Marvel Movie" is the ending after the credits have rolled....... This movie made it all worth while.. It was GREAT... A "must see"!!!!
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Really good movie-some plot holes

By Shelley913
Written December 19, 2014
The story line is pretty involving but there were some plot holes and inconsistencies. I won't give any of those away, you'll just have to see it yourself and see if you can spot them. I really didn't get the love interest between wolverine and the rich Asian girl-I thought he was more suited to her(adopted) sister because she was more like him, and spunkier. It really would have been fine without the love interest. The twist at the end is good-but I figured it out in the beginning of the movie. Overall, Hugh Jackman is one of the better actors in Hollywood and it's always a pleasure to see him in anything. Wolverine is a good action movie and it's substantial enough to be worth the 2+ hours length. Definitely a "go see" movie!
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