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wolverines history

By CH1021
Written May 07, 2015
I liked the movie, even though i wasn't thrilled at the idea.. it was my finace's idea. But I ended up really enjoying it! I've seen the other x-men movies and this was more about wolverines past and him coming to terms with it. There were some twists i didn't see coming though! Also STAY past the credits... you do not wanna miss the bonus scene!
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Wolverine in Japan

By Johnbenicy
Written August 04, 2015
Read the Comic book years ago (from Frank Miller) and this movie did the basic story line justice. Loved how Logan had to confront his own mortality.
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Edge of your seat action

By The_Separator
Written October 07, 2015
The Wolverine keeps you on the edge of your seat. The sets designs- spectacular, the photography- expensive and flawless. Shots of everything Japanese give the film an exoticism that allows for every single character to be a martial arts expert. The fights scenes are visibly momentous. Some gut-wrenching flaws: Logan and Yukio are both highlighted riding motorcycles through the snow of Japanese winter; the sexy Viper has no discernable point as a character; the forest is wrongly identified as “present-day Alaska” by New York Times critic A.O Scott and is clearly the Yukon Canada, identified by The Yukon Sportsman’s Paradise sign; the scene from the trailer where Logan is smoking his trademark cigar- not in the film. The overarching theme dealing with Logan’s angst causing immortality redeems the film. Wolverine doesn’t save the world here, but ends up fighting just to save his own. For more reviews visit
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Better then X3

By theaveragecritic
Written October 14, 2015
Okay, this movie was cool. It was way better then X3. It is better then X-men orgins. Not as good as X2. Is it better then the first x-men. Probaly yes. Either way both good. I think kids would find it a little to violent for them and scary. I think age 11 years would survive this. They did have a few bloody parts in it. And overall this movie was cool how he get's out of a bunch of Japanese people with swords and guns. The coolest line is ''Do you know how many people tried to kill me and I am still here.'' I am theavaragecritic and you should go see this movie you would like it. Or go see one of the X-men's just not the third anything but the third.
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The Wolverine

By thacannoliman
Written June 02, 2015
Wolverine is hands down one of my favorite characters and this movie does not disappoint. It has a well done story line and the visual effects are good. Even though wolverine has healing powers this movie gives a bit more of a human edge to him and is very driven by emotion. Definitely the best super hero film of 2013 to date. I am defintiely looking forward to X-Men: Days of Future Past next year.
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