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Y U No Lady Deathstrike?

By MedRed
Written June 27, 2016
The Wolverine flirted dangerously close to one of Wolverine's greatest foes (nevermind the pitiful iteration of Lady Deathstrike that made an appearance in X2). There are elements of Wolverine's comic book history laced with an original screenplay. The plot is very simple and straightforward. The acting is surprisingly good for the material. Where The Wolverine comes up short is the story. It's not authentic enough for the diehard comic fans, and not interesting enough to carry its weight with the mainstream fans. This movie would have been so much better if written straight from the comics. The Avengers and The Dark Knight have set the bar for super hero movies. The Wolverine comes up short, but is still an entertaining action movie. A go for non purist comic book fans, a so so for everyone else. There is a major scene in the middle of the credits with nothing after that. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Enjoyable, however...

By demented_darling
Written May 06, 2016
Great action scenes and I enjoyed the general storyline, but I felt that the Viper character was pointless and the ending with the samurai was predictable AND corny. was Hugh Jackman, so it was TOTALLY worth it!
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Still not the wolverine we deserve but closer still.

By mrandmrshalloween
Written July 29, 2016
The movie is not bad , it has a few punches in the dialog but you get the feeling early on exactly where its heading and who is doing what to whom. I will certainly buy it when it comes out but wolverine just isn't violent enough for me. Like the Punisher movies it lacks the gritty feel it should have. Countless times our hero slashes people ,wheres the blood? Moments of physical violence lack the impact they should have. Without the presence of trauma injuries or if there's too much and its over the top ,whats the point? There is a happy medium i believe but Wolverine has yet to hit it. For those that read the comics in the 80s,Wolverine is a killer who slashes people to pieces. I just don't feel that in these movies. It almost seems like oh well he just stabbed another guy whats next. I know there's a possibility you could lose out on some teen money with an R but don't the older fans deserve an R rated Wolverine just one time.
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This movie was a supermodel with a bad limp.

By githig
Written February 19, 2017
First, Hugh Jackman's portraying the Wolverine was rock solid as always. If director James Mangold had chosen anyone else to play Wolverine, the film would've been a complete disaster, in spite of the strong supporting actors. I couldn't rate this movie highier than 3 stars because the movie kept flip-flopping from 'Great' to 'What on earth were you thinking (Director) James Mangold?' One character actually brought the movie down. I was actually annoyed every time I saw her. I speak of the Viper played by Svetlana Khodchenkova. Though I believe Svetlana would've been fine for some other film, the Viper character was poorly cast, poorly written, as a mutant (in this film) poorly designed and often unnecessary. An example of unecessary: Out of nowhere the director has her shed her skin and this waste of cinematography adds no value to the squence. "The Wolverine" is watchable but not great.
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Probably the best Wolverine movie made

By master_jedi
Written September 01, 2016
If you're expecting to see the hack and slash Wolverine, you'll be disappointed. This is a pretty good Wolverine movie and focuses on Wolvie's comic history with his days in Japan...and in my opinion probably the best Wolverine performance Hugh Jackman has played. Thanks to Jackman's acting Wolverine is quietly becoming to the X-Men movie franchise what Iron Man is to the Avengers movie franchise...a must have. This is a definite upgrade from the Wolverine Origins movie. The plot is pretty solid, and the acting isn't bad. You get a feel there's something more in store for the Canadian mutant. Some won't ike it, but it does flesh his hollywood character out. It's worth seeing in theaters.
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