Expected More

By goingbeyondthenumber
Written July 29, 2013
I can tell this movie was a ssetup for the next one... And I am a true fan..but for those that really are not fans and was going for the action and beacuse Wolverine is hot may be a bit disappointed. Personally I loved it..but like I said I am a fan...I am more inspired by the story itself than the movie action scenes...
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I was robbed!!!

By umartma
Written May 31, 2016
The Wolverine was average and was made for little kids. The fight scenes were to simplistic. Yukio actually had better fight scenes than Wolverine. This movie was not what I expected and the final scene fell short. This movie had the potential to be great but once again Hollywood has failed to show the pure Rage of the Wolverine and show his dark nature.
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Thinking Man's Comic Book Movie

By davezilko
Written June 28, 2016
Great addition to the X-Men movie series with the spotlight on Wolverine following X-Men 3. Not the flash of Ironman or Spiderman, but a good comic tale of the search for honor and redemption. Nice lead into "Days of Future Past" Hugh Jackman rules the Wolverine character.
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If you're a fan you'll like it

By joebogey
Written August 07, 2013
I have to start out saying I'm not a big sci-fi or comic book fan. With that said I did enjoy this movie. The plot was easy to follow, and kept you interested for the fill 2 hrs 6 min. I went to the 3D version because of the show time, but if you can just see the 2D version as the 3D added a little depth to the picture but otherwise was non-existent. My teenage son loves sci-fi and comics, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
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Wolverine is ruined?

By vitelajj1884
Written March 25, 2017
The movie wasn't bad but didn't make any sense. I'll try not to spoil anything and be vague for those who've not seen the movie, but: Not sure why they needed Wolverine when they could have reversed what they did to him in an attempt to duplicate his ability. The fact that they implied a mutation could be stolen was ridiculous even for a Marvel universe story. To top it all off they altered his character in a way that Wolverine is known for...it's almost as if the director failed to read the comic book to learn how Adamantium actually works. It's pliable only when heated, when it's cool it's basically indestructible. The best part was halfway through the ending credits, and though I could forgive the movie I can't forgive how they altered the Wolverine character.
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