Good movie but sorry 3D

By pat688
Written August 03, 2013
The movie is a good character study of the Wolverine. It explains a lot about his character and why he is self-exiled. But this is the worst 3D I have ever seen. The background never came into focus. Hugh Jackman is outstanding as the Wolverine. The plot had several surprises. AUDI got to show off some really cool cars.
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Not worth paying extra for the 3D

By jilllyons2012
Written August 06, 2013
Great movie, stay for the credits....... Got a little slow in the middle, but all in all great movie, worth viewing. 3D a waste of money. New character for me in there (female mutant) I can't remember her name, but worked into the story well. Lots of subtitles as 95% of characters are Japanese.
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The Wolverine

By sarassieleelittle
Written August 04, 2013
If you're an X-Men fanatic, go and see this movie and make sure you stay for the credits! I enjoyed the movie. Lot of action and surprises!
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Seriously a fantastic movie!

By spplutchok
Written September 20, 2014
Was expecting an awesome movie and was NOT disappointed. Plot was unexpected and delightful. Yes, there is a clip in the middle of the credits THAT IS AUDACIOUS! No clip after that so don't stay till the end expecting another. MUST GO!
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Great as usual

Written January 29, 2015
Great movie as expected.. The plot got away from me near the end... fortunately my wife pulled me back in to the plot. Didn't see Stan Lee???? The bullet train scene was unreal.. I ducked a couple of times. Can't say you have to see it in 3D... I think 2D would be just as entertaining.... don't leave the theater immediately when the credits start rolling.. you will miss something very exciting.... The visuals in Japan were nice... I worked there briefly in 1987, rode the bullet train... still waiting for the American Bullet Train 26 years later... Lot's of Yakuza and Ninja in this movie...Enjoy
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