Wolverine is ruined?

By vitelajj1884
Written September 30, 2014
The movie wasn't bad but didn't make any sense. I'll try not to spoil anything and be vague for those who've not seen the movie, but: Not sure why they needed Wolverine when they could have reversed what they did to him in an attempt to duplicate his ability. The fact that they implied a mutation could be stolen was ridiculous even for a Marvel universe story. To top it all off they altered his character in a way that Wolverine is known for...it's almost as if the director failed to read the comic book to learn how Adamantium actually works. It's pliable only when heated, when it's cool it's basically indestructible. The best part was halfway through the ending credits, and though I could forgive the movie I can't forgive how they altered the Wolverine character.
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6 out of 10

By KenPlaia
Written July 24, 2013
A bit slow until the last 20 minutes, except for the great high speed train scene in the middle. I have to agree with the critic's reviews on this one. Hugh Jackman is awesome and really carries the film, although I did get a bit tired of seeing him without a shirt through more than half the movie. Granted he does look great, but the shirtlessness got to be a bit overdone.
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As expected

By mikkiew
Written August 25, 2013
A good enough chapter in the story... with a few cliche lines but overall you get what you expect. Wolverine as the moody mutant, great fight scenes, a couple of new mutants and a peek at what's to come... (stay in the theater when the credits roll - as usual)
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The Wolverine

By mrmac013
Written July 28, 2013
Movie was overall good but I didn't feel it lived up to the hype. There was so much more they could have done with a movie that revolved around Wolverine and the "history" of the character. Dream Sequences were overused or at least repeated to often. Different sequences would have been more useful and much more entertaining.
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More Than a Mutant - Best Superhero Movie Yet

Written July 28, 2013
It is not often that you watch a superhero movie blockbuster and are actually moved by the script and the performances. The Wolverine in Japan is more than just a fight the super villain piece that you might be used. The theme of Wolverine being cursed with immortality and his longing for Famke Janssen's Jean Grey (she shows up in some dream sequences) is prevalent throughout the film. Don't worry though, they are plenty of action sequences with an attack by the Yakuza at a funeral and subsequent bullet train chase being the best of them all. The two Japanese actresses who portray his love interest and sidekick are not only beautiful but really passionate in the delivery of their lines. The Japanese settings; the samurai swords; ninja archers; and other touches make the movie that much better. Go and see the best superhero movie you will see in a long time.
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