Sushi & Claws...

By detrichwong
Written July 31, 2015
Objectively, this is more of an action/ martial arts film, rather than anything else. The entire Mutant theme is somewhat underplayed, while the Japanese Samurai, Yakuza, and cultural elements are an interesting, refreshing twist. As always, the girls are hot, and the action is intense. This film is nowhere as good as X-Men: First Class. But, it's a step back into the right direction after the colossal disappointment of X-Men Beginnings: Wolverine... The ending was a bit of a catastrophe. But, as usual, make sure to stay and watch the cliff-hanger. The X-Men are back!
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I was robbed!!!

By umartma
Written May 27, 2016
The Wolverine was average and was made for little kids. The fight scenes were to simplistic. Yukio actually had better fight scenes than Wolverine. This movie was not what I expected and the final scene fell short. This movie had the potential to be great but once again Hollywood has failed to show the pure Rage of the Wolverine and show his dark nature.
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If you're a fan you'll like it

By joebogey
Written August 07, 2013
I have to start out saying I'm not a big sci-fi or comic book fan. With that said I did enjoy this movie. The plot was easy to follow, and kept you interested for the fill 2 hrs 6 min. I went to the 3D version because of the show time, but if you can just see the 2D version as the 3D added a little depth to the picture but otherwise was non-existent. My teenage son loves sci-fi and comics, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
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By jonliebermanjunkmail
Written October 29, 2014
These words reminds us of the movie...... bedtime, catnap, coma, dormancy, doze, dream, dullness, few z's, forty winks, hibernation, lethargy, nap, nod, repose, rest, sack time, sandman, shuteye, siesta, slumber, slumberland, snooze, torpidity, torpor, trance
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Great as usual

Written February 08, 2016
Great movie as expected.. The plot got away from me near the end... fortunately my wife pulled me back in to the plot. Didn't see Stan Lee???? The bullet train scene was unreal.. I ducked a couple of times. Can't say you have to see it in 3D... I think 2D would be just as entertaining.... don't leave the theater immediately when the credits start rolling.. you will miss something very exciting.... The visuals in Japan were nice... I worked there briefly in 1987, rode the bullet train... still waiting for the American Bullet Train 26 years later... Lot's of Yakuza and Ninja in this movie...Enjoy
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