Great movie, close to the comic

By littlepharoah
Written July 26, 2013
First off, this isn't the X-men treatment, this is one of Marvel's serious stories brought to the screen. If you're expecting all catch-phrases and no dialog, don't see this movie. If you want to see a well made telling of Wolverine's past, this will be amazing.
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A really Awesome movie

By tonimora
Written August 05, 2013
This surpassed my expectations, If you have seen the previews or viewed the trailer, don't go expecting to hear the exact words in sequence during this movie because the team that put the preview together are extremely talented. The preview is a combination of many bits of the whole move. I was pleasantly surprised by this. The movie was never predictable, there were surprises throughout. There was lots of action. I really loved this movie! It was exciting and exhilarating.
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Too Japanese Centric

By rulette1997online
Written July 29, 2013
The story and plot of the Wolverine returning to what he does best was Awesome, but the entire setting of this movie was in Japan and it had way too many Japanese actors that you couldn't understand what they were saying most of the time. It also had some pretty lame and quite moments that were awkward, other than that, the movie was a good Marvel production and I can't wait for the next one...Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine!
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Wolverine !

By Devilsmane
Written August 22, 2014
Great scenery, great story line, wonderful characters and, yes, some bad*** kicking ***action that will have you smiling and holding on to the edge of your seat. Don't forget to sit through the credits. Some people walked out when I saw it and they will kick themselves in the butt when they find out that they missed something. Best action movie I've seen this year. I rank it with Oblivion because I liked Oblivion and the visuals were spectacular.
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By curlyspyman
Written July 27, 2013
There's a lot in the movie a obvious fan will not like but remember, its a character not the actual comic sooo the movie is really awesome. Lots of things happen that your like "YES!!! only wolverine" :) The movie is amazing and please stay for after the credits. Theres a small 1 min short that you guys have to see. HAVE TO SEE!!!!!
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