6 out of 10

By KenPlaia
Written July 24, 2013
A bit slow until the last 20 minutes, except for the great high speed train scene in the middle. I have to agree with the critic's reviews on this one. Hugh Jackman is awesome and really carries the film, although I did get a bit tired of seeing him without a shirt through more than half the movie. Granted he does look great, but the shirtlessness got to be a bit overdone.
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By Garconbleu
Written November 30, 2014
X3 was a failure, but nowhere near as bad as Wolverine Origins. While it's neither XMen, X2 or Xmen First Class, this movie holds up it's end of the bargain. It might have been about 25 minutes too long, but when it's good... it's pretty good.
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More Than a Mutant - Best Superhero Movie Yet

Written July 28, 2013
It is not often that you watch a superhero movie blockbuster and are actually moved by the script and the performances. The Wolverine in Japan is more than just a fight the super villain piece that you might be used. The theme of Wolverine being cursed with immortality and his longing for Famke Janssen's Jean Grey (she shows up in some dream sequences) is prevalent throughout the film. Don't worry though, they are plenty of action sequences with an attack by the Yakuza at a funeral and subsequent bullet train chase being the best of them all. The two Japanese actresses who portray his love interest and sidekick are not only beautiful but really passionate in the delivery of their lines. The Japanese settings; the samurai swords; ninja archers; and other touches make the movie that much better. Go and see the best superhero movie you will see in a long time.
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Mutants Rule

By millerbr
Written December 29, 2014
Great Fun. Several plot twists, though somewhat predictable. The chase/fight on the bullet train rivals Mission Impossible & James Bond. Also the one scene that is a must in 3-D. But don't take the kids - more swearing than expected of the X-Men franchise. Overall good acting and right blend of English dialogue and subtitles to make it seem more natural for setting in Japan.
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A toss off to the Japanese market

By peter10003
Written July 27, 2013
It was a bit much, a little like "Shogun"--the 1980 TV miniseries with Richard Chamberlain. I do NOT follow / read the comic books, although I did as a kid and teenager. I'm now decades past that! Without giving too much away, it's good, but it's still a "comic / cartoon", with some bad writing (e.g. trying to kill someone and then letting them go). I did not like the obeisance to Japan's feudal ways (including putting women in their place), but the tech stuff was cool.
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