Wolverine is ruined?

By vitelajj1884
Written March 25, 2017
The movie wasn't bad but didn't make any sense. I'll try not to spoil anything and be vague for those who've not seen the movie, but: Not sure why they needed Wolverine when they could have reversed what they did to him in an attempt to duplicate his ability. The fact that they implied a mutation could be stolen was ridiculous even for a Marvel universe story. To top it all off they altered his character in a way that Wolverine is known for...it's almost as if the director failed to read the comic book to learn how Adamantium actually works. It's pliable only when heated, when it's cool it's basically indestructible. The best part was halfway through the ending credits, and though I could forgive the movie I can't forgive how they altered the Wolverine character.
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Great as usual

Written August 24, 2016
Great movie as expected.. The plot got away from me near the end... fortunately my wife pulled me back in to the plot. Didn't see Stan Lee???? The bullet train scene was unreal.. I ducked a couple of times. Can't say you have to see it in 3D... I think 2D would be just as entertaining.... don't leave the theater immediately when the credits start rolling.. you will miss something very exciting.... The visuals in Japan were nice... I worked there briefly in 1987, rode the bullet train... still waiting for the American Bullet Train 26 years later... Lot's of Yakuza and Ninja in this movie...Enjoy
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Wolverine - Awesome!

By gurodennis
Written December 06, 2016
Right from the start I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation and a whole plethora of emotions. One pickle after another and a multitude of fast pace action and expert martial arts and awesome actors. H.J. was awesome and really can sell a line as well as unspoken dialog. Great story line with lots to look forward to in the next X-Men which is given to us in a glimpse scene after a long run of credits - but worth the wait as always. Two thumbs up - 5 star and 10 out of 10. Thank you for entertaining us all so well Ya'll!
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By hvfa_620
Written October 25, 2016
The movie is a must see, but as for the 3D effects. This really was not the best for the use of 3D. Maybe if the I-Max theatre effects might bring a better surround sound. Overall it is a movie that I would want to see again.
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As expected

By mikkiew
Written June 28, 2016
A good enough chapter in the story... with a few cliche lines but overall you get what you expect. Wolverine as the moody mutant, great fight scenes, a couple of new mutants and a peek at what's to come... (stay in the theater when the credits roll - as usual)
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