Action packed!

By LooBelle
Written July 27, 2013
great movie! the action scenes are amazing. Hugh Jackman is superb as the Wolverine and the cinemotagraphy is unparalleled. Make sure you sit through the credits, there is an extra scene that you won't want to miss! Can't wait for X-Men in April.
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Fun compelling story with great Japan setting

By elemperador
Written July 28, 2013
Reasonably faithful to the original comic book, Wolverine has an action-filled adventure awaiting him in Japan. Some nice 3d-enhanced moments and a somewhat humanizing, albeit somewhat predictable storyline that helps you understand the man behind the claws.
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No the best X-men movie, but...

By willow1210
Written July 29, 2013
As an X-men fan, I couldn't pass up this Wolverine movie, though I knew that the whole movie happens in Japan. I'm not a big fan of a-white-man-lost-in-Japan-eventually-becoming-the-sole-hero type movies (Remember James Bond in Japanese gown with funny makeup? Please. And Tom Cruise decked out in samurai armor slicing up real samurais? Yuck!) and I'm not even fond of samurai or ninja culture to begin with. Heck, my takeaway from this movie is "Don't trust Japanese during the wartime". But, this isn't a bad action movie in the summer of disappointmenting super-hero movies that started with unwatchable Ironman III, while this Wolverine would rank as one of worst X-men movies in the whole franchise. If you skip this one, you will have no trouble understanding the connection in the next movie. If you're an action movie fan, nonetheless, you'd appreciate the fight scenes, especially the one on a bullet train.
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Very well done

By squire40
Written August 05, 2013
The script does take certain liberties from the original comic book story, but it is entertaining nonetheless. Acting is good, fight scenes are great, and shadows of the real Wolverine character come out here and there. Go see it!!
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By marciazipser
Written October 07, 2015
Overall, good movie. Hugh Jackman was great, as usual. The cinematography was really good. It was, however, quite violent - perhaps, a bit too violent for kids. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.
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