Y U No Lady Deathstrike?

By MedRed
Written July 30, 2016
The Wolverine flirted dangerously close to one of Wolverine's greatest foes (nevermind the pitiful iteration of Lady Deathstrike that made an appearance in X2). There are elements of Wolverine's comic book history laced with an original screenplay. The plot is very simple and straightforward. The acting is surprisingly good for the material. Where The Wolverine comes up short is the story. It's not authentic enough for the diehard comic fans, and not interesting enough to carry its weight with the mainstream fans. This movie would have been so much better if written straight from the comics. The Avengers and The Dark Knight have set the bar for super hero movies. The Wolverine comes up short, but is still an entertaining action movie. A go for non purist comic book fans, a so so for everyone else. There is a major scene in the middle of the credits with nothing after that. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Stay for the credits!

By WebsiteWorld_com
Written August 27, 2016
The best part of the whole movie is after the credits! :-) I think the movie is good. I can see how some may have rated it so-so, but I thought it was a great movie. It's definitely not working paying to see in 3D nothing special here! As a matter of fact, I felt a little taken advantage of in regards to paying extra for the 3D.
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Not as good as the first I thought

By rodstohogs
Written August 30, 2016
Seen the first one a few times and love it.. I struggled to stay awake a big chunk of this move of this movie. A lot of it was story telling with tons of flash backs and getting to know the new characters. It seemed like about half the movie or more was slow! I brought 3 teen boys with me who all watched the last wolverine this afternoon. I had to wake each of them up at least twice during the middle of the movie.. Now the beginning and the end were pretty good. (Still not like the last Wolverine.) We would give the last one a 5 starts so this would get 3 stars.. Still a must see for fans and probably still important story elements that should be seen. Borderline disappointing ! Was just OK
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Great film that leads to endless sequels...

By cocosilk
Written July 24, 2016
I think my header title says it all. Don't rush out of the theater the moment you see the first set of movie credits. There is a bonus scene that explains my header title.
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By curlyspyman
Written October 28, 2016
There's a lot in the movie a obvious fan will not like but remember, its a character not the actual comic sooo the movie is really awesome. Lots of things happen that your like "YES!!! only wolverine" :) The movie is amazing and please stay for after the credits. Theres a small 1 min short that you guys have to see. HAVE TO SEE!!!!!
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