Just say no!

By fiona985
Written September 02, 2014
I am not easily shocked, but there was no warning in all the previews that were plastered on every TV channel and in every preview that I saw when watching other movies, that this piece of crap was going to be so filthy and crude. I felt ambushed, because I had no idea what to expect. Essentially, as another reviewer wrote, I was watching a porn movie with a bunch of strangers around me. I am no prude and am ok with swearing and even a little sex in movies, but this was full-on porn, and misogyny galore. This movie should have an NC-17 rating. At least I would have known to stay away! DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and everyone else should be ashamed of themselves.
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By vabva757
Written September 02, 2014
Oh, man, if there was only some way to know what the movie was about before I try to see it... @gandf...I hope youre joking. Did you READ the description? The better question is, CAN you read? In case you needed assistance... "R | graphic nudity, drug use, language throughout, some violence and strong sexual content Parents: Common Sense Media says Not for kids. More on child suitability" I cant wait to see it.
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Trashiest and worst movie ever

Written September 02, 2014
Movie critics worship Leonardo DiCaprio. Do they know about "Emperor with no clothes?" Sure, DiCaprio delivered his lines well, but the movie is trash, vulgar and full of stupidity. I am angry that this movie gives recognition to a real person who lives a depraved and immoral life. No redeeming factors in this movie at all. My regret is that I did not leave the movie mid-stream and demand reimbursement for my ticket for wasting my time.
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20 or 30 years in jail isn't long enough for what he did to other humans

By wisdomaker11
Written September 02, 2014
Their language reflected their values and disregard for other human beings lives. If you're disturbed hearing F bombs dropped throughout an entire movie, in every sentence, don't go. If you can get past the foul language and many sex acts and more, the acting is very good and the storyline, the way it's told, will keep you very interested from start to finish, to see how skuzzy, low life people get by in life, stealing money from others to feed their own selfish desires of drugs and flesh.
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Wolf of Wall Street

By mhgerber1
Written September 02, 2014
There were 4 of us who went to the movie. After 2 hours, we had seen enough and left. Excessive sex and drugs; no character development; and a total waste of money.
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