Absolutely disgusting!!!

By SuperbFilm
Written September 02, 2014
Stay away from this filth disguised as a rated R movie. Hollywood has hit a new low. I thought this movie would be similar to Wall Street but instead it was solid porn with filthy language. I will never see another movie by DiCaprio or Scorceee.
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Wacky, fun, dirty, but really good!

By SQ44
Written February 07, 2014
Ok, so the "F" word is said a million times (and lots of sex)!!!! Once you get past that, this is an interesting story with wonderful acting. Although it was 3 hours long, it went by quickly. The cast is great too!
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The Wolf of Wall Street

By tgmartinnow
Written January 05, 2014
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I thought the cast of characters was great. Decaprio was excellent. Sure there was some porn like scenes and a lot of profanity but WTF. Swear words said with a New York New Jersey accent are fine. We loved it and we are a mature couple. We are not uptight people to begin with. We both thought the acting was great. I loved the story line. When I was a lot younger I really wanted to sell penny stocks with a company called Stuart James, I believe. I failed the series 7 by 2 points got discouraged and said 'fughettaboutit'…..
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"Wolf of Wall Street"

By mcload
Written September 02, 2014
Clearly, one of the WORST movies I have EVER seen…should have been rated "X"….nothing but fu***, su***, and drug glamorization throughout the movie…..it was pure ****!! No entertainment value whatsoever. I could not believe this was a Martin Scorsese film. No plot, no intrigue….just Hollywood having a free-for-all on the screen. DiCaprio was self-indulging and over-acted his role. I would SERIOUSLY like to get my money back; the 3 hours it took to sit through this garbage I have lost forever. I found more entertainment in watching the coming attractions! Do not let your kids go see this tripe! I can't believe this movie is getting such positive "tweets"….perhaps this movie supports their lack of morals.
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Just say no!

By fiona985
Written September 02, 2014
I am not easily shocked, but there was no warning in all the previews that were plastered on every TV channel and in every preview that I saw when watching other movies, that this piece of crap was going to be so filthy and crude. I felt ambushed, because I had no idea what to expect. Essentially, as another reviewer wrote, I was watching a porn movie with a bunch of strangers around me. I am no prude and am ok with swearing and even a little sex in movies, but this was full-on porn, and misogyny galore. This movie should have an NC-17 rating. At least I would have known to stay away! DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and everyone else should be ashamed of themselves.
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