The Wolf of Wall Street

By cmmichalek
Written October 11, 2014
Neither my husband or I liked the movie. Leonardo acted well with the script he had but really, the script had something to be desired. I'm sure he could do better than this script. Sex, sex, sex way over done. Language way over done. The writer must have OCD. Anyone with any intelligence would fine this a waste of time, not very entertaining. Very degrading for women as well. I can't imagine anyone taking a date to this movie.
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The Wolf of Wall Street

By camblo72
Written February 17, 2014
An excellent film, up to Scorsese's standards. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a remarkable performance as fraudster Jordan Belfort. Be ready for a wild ride of of sex, drugs and excess.
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Absolutely disgusting!!!

By SuperbFilm
Written September 02, 2014
Stay away from this filth disguised as a rated R movie. Hollywood has hit a new low. I thought this movie would be similar to Wall Street but instead it was solid porn with filthy language. I will never see another movie by DiCaprio or Scorceee.
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About "THE WOLF" - Not 'Wall Street'

By cpatt29
Written December 29, 2013
Like Scorsese? Go. Like DiCaprio? Go. Like their work together? Why are you still reading this? GO! Anybody who knows a Scorsese movie will know to leave the kids at home, but in this case especially- It seems that there's a naked body, curse or drug being used in EVERY scene of the movie. Scorsese once again tackles how drugs are taken & affect certain people in certain environments with compelling detail. This movie has a bit more nudity and sex (and sexual acts mind you) than I recall in any Scorsese movie by about 10 fold. Another thing to know about the film is that it's quite politically incorrect, and humorously incorrect. If you're not offended, you'll laugh quite a bit in this movie. If you're a fan of Scorsese, you're going to leave thinking this was the most offended you've been by Marty -OR- thinking this is the funniest Marty film you've ever seen. It's long, but honestly if you're enjoying yourself 10 minutes in, the whole ride won't feel bad at all (or too long)
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Believe in your gut!

By YAUC724
Written December 27, 2013
When you hear the names Scorsese and DiCaprio what do you think? Movie Gold! The Wolf of Wall Street was an amazing time at the movie. It was three hours but it didn't feel like it I was entertained by the outstanding performances and technical aspects of this film. It was a daring turn for everyone involved. The film is deserving of serious Oscar considerations in most of the major categories. Wolf is a strong R rated film which many people besides horror directors have the guts to make. People need guts like the renegades in film a la the superheros of the 70's Mr. Scorsese, Coppolla, Spielberg, Freidken and there aren't many of those type of guys and studios left.
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