Raunch and filth and everything glorious (and sad) about Wall Street in all it's "glory!"

By stars_gal
Written September 02, 2014
This movie. Wow. As the title says, it is all raunch and filth and debauchery and everything glorious (and sad) about Wall Street in all it's "glory!" It's the early 90's, commerce is booming, and excess knows no bounds. This movie lets you revel in the sensory overload these men cultivated and lived, and revel in it you will, but through it all you kind of hate yourself for knowing that you would have partied JUST AS HARD had you been in their shoes, and then when it all finally comes crashing down, you're left with the same gut punch they experience (albeit with way less jail time.) Scorsese did an unbelievable job bringing this story to life. No detail left out, no detail overdone - though the whole movie was "overdone" by virtue of that which was Jordan's life. At the end, I found myself STILL liking Jordan Belfort, after all of his swarmy ridiculousness, which is all due to DiCaprio's insane acting ability (what a banner year he's having!) and Scorsese's talent.
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About Scorsese, not the real Wall Street EVER

By Great Scot
Written October 11, 2014
Grossly over sexed, drugged, drunk and incredible. Just not worth the price of admission--and so overblown in all respects not even entertaining. Worked on Wall Street for years--even in the pizza-throwing days, it was never this bad. The star acts well--but what a horrible venue...
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The Wolf of Wall Street

By elizabethpfotzer
Written September 02, 2014
Thoroughly absorbing and entertaining film that makes the Scorcese trilogy all the more powerful: Goodfellas, Casino and now Wolf. A forcefully delivered message wrapped in hilarious dark humor, not a flattering portrayal of the American penchant for acquisition at any cost. A three hour film that floors you with expert moviemaking, DiCaprio's enormous talent and spot on casting choices. See it!
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Walked Out

By mrfletch
Written September 02, 2014
I'd highly suggest you don't see this film. It's crude, vulgar, and raunchy beyond belief. The trailer doesn't give any indication of its content. I can't imagine sitting through 3 hours of this.
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Wall and Piece

By Tulbooth
Written September 02, 2014
this is a movie that holds your attention if you are of a mind to watch a car wreck. this homage to greed and excess does not reflect Wall Street any more than a shamin represents the AMA. it is an unflattering portrait of a immoral individual that many take to be emblematic of the American way of life. while this indictment of America May not be justified it will happen. that said it does hold your attention and decaprio's performance is not to be missed.
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