By NYCbuff
Written October 11, 2014
THIS MOVIE WAS EXCELLENT. I have no idea how someone could say it was crap. It was funny, brilliantly acted and Leonardo DiCaprio will win awards for his PERFECT performance. Jonah Hill was excellent as well. I loved the movie, I'm going to see it again.
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Stay home and watch a classic on demand instead

By counterisk
Written January 04, 2014
Saw Wolf of Wall Street last night. Have loved Scorcese since Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull triumphs but you blew it this time Martin. Sorry. Definitely leonardo diCRAPrio. Sorry if spoiler, but he gives at least 4-5 so called "motivational" speeches to his stockbroker crew in movie (overkill) and not one sentence in any of these rants is worthy of a Boiler Room or Always Be Closing Glengarry Glenn Ross speech. McConaughey only decent performance. If you need to fill/waste 3 hours go see- I'll just have another hollywood excess film to curse when it wins undeserved oscars. Proving once again they don't make 'em like they used to. Should've stayed home and re-watched Sunset Blvd. Would never see this again. Can't remember one worthwhile quote or scene. And can look at T&A, Ferraris and Lambos on line for free. My daughter (21) said Buzzfeed said inappropriate to see with your parents so she wouldn't go- good advice- wish they'd said I should stay home too.
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Scorsese should do better

By lwedeen
Written December 27, 2013
Way over the top…as my husband put it - just another Scorsese "GoodFellows" remake, same plot, same excessive drug use, sex scenes, blah blah blah. I was disappointed.
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For Adults Only

By lminigu82
Written December 26, 2013
I love and I mean LOVE Leo's movies, but this movie had way too much full nudity. I thought it was a little unnecessary to have so many graphic sex scenes. I'm still glad I saw it and Jonah Hill did a hilarious job. I say go go see it, but be prepared to see a lot of fully naked women and complete sex scenes.
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Stand for what's right!

By makemyday1
Written December 24, 2013
I will not support this man's actions or fill his pockets by going to this movie, it is absolutely wrong and I agree with JJMRJJ comments ( real guy did not pay 100% of the required restitution. He also made $ from the movie and his books). We as moviegoers need to stand for whtat's right and we vote with our pocket books. Too many people have been hurt and hollywood needs to find a way to tell a story without filling the pockets of evil doers!!!
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