Typical Scorsese

By suemarie
Written September 02, 2014
Very well made but, do not see it if you have any qualms about nudity, heavy duty swearing, drug use,etc. The movie was long but it did keep my attention for most of the movie. Leanardo C. is amazing but he does get a little tiresome with his rantings and drug induced actions. He is a wall street broker? with no compassion or empathy for the unseen buyers of his bull----. Do not take the kids. Adults only.
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Wish I'd read more about it before going

By design4114
Written September 02, 2014
While I'm a big fan of Leo, this movie was a big letdown and way too long. Too much sex, too many F words. They could have achieved so much more with so much less of that crap. I was sitting with my husband between my adult niece and her husband (on my left), and my 24-yr old nephew and his girlfriend on my right, and felt like I was in a porn movie and was quite embarrassed. My husband said afterwards he was surprised I didn't walk out! I told them all I almost did several times. Sad to think that Wall Street is possibly very much like this. All I could say when I got out is that I wished I'd taken my kids to either Frozen or Walking with Dinosaurs. Big disappointment but did think the actors did a great job with what they had.
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A Wolf Worth Seeing

Written February 17, 2014
The Wolf of Wall Street is definitely worth seeing, although not with young children! At a minute under three hours, it might seem dauntingly long, but the film moves along nicely, the story is gripping, and the acting is superb. The script takes unnecessary pot-shots at Wall Street, when Stratton Oakmont was an outlier of the worst sort, but the story is real, vivid, well directed, and ultimately produces a very enjoyable and startling movie. The nominations for various Oscars all are well deserved.
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The Wolf of Wall Street

By richardcraig
Written December 26, 2013
The movie was very enjoyable and well done. My experience with FANDANGO was horrible. When we got to the theater, the kiosk was closed and we had to stand in line to get our tickets for over 30 minutes. I would ask for a refund of your service charge but I am sure that would be futile. I will never use FANDANGO again.
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Worst piece of garbage I think I have ever seen!!!!

By jltemple
Written December 29, 2013
My wife and I walked out before this was even half over because it was so disgusting and such a waste of time and money. If the movie would have focused on the actual plot of what they wanted to display to the audience and not how many times they could cuss, explain and take every kind of drug, show constant semi-porn scenes, and just be as disgusting as possible, the 3 hour movie might have ended up being 30 minutes long, but it would have been so much better than this piece of slime. Have we gotten this bad that this type of movie is acceptable by anyone to watch? For all of our sakes, I hope not! This is a HUGE warning, do not waste your money or time on this movie and see something that you can actually leave the theatre afterwards feeling glad for what you saw.
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