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A nobleman (Benicio Del Toro) uncovers a horrifying curse as he searches for his missing brother.
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WOLFMAN - nothing to howl about. (Based on advance press preview on Wed. Feb. 10, 2010)

WOLFMAN is a disjointed badly edited albeit high-quality production that was approximately 1hr 45mins in length - and not 2hr 5min as incorrectly posted by Fandango. Other than the few 'action'...

What is wrong with you people

By jokers_wild
Usually I don't do stuff like this. But, reading the re****/pelled me to make a account just so I could tell you your all NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a huge werewolf fan and this movies was on of...

If you are a fan of the original...

By maxcredits
I am a fan of the old Universal horror movies so I waited with great anticipation for this version. There has been much criticism that the movie is predictable. To those people I say so was the...

Not Interesting... Laughable at times due to the writing

By jboyer21
I went to the movie expecting for it to have good actors, good special effects, and a good plot. The only thing i got was good actors out of the movie, and in reality the film makes me respect those...

interesting take on a old story

By Songzjunkie1987
I loved every moment of it, I loved what each member of the cast brought to the table. There were different twists and turns at the end but I loved it....


By the_cheshire_kat
first of all, this movie is gorgeous to look at. i mean, except for the entrails and whatnot- but what do you expect? it's a werewolf movie. and while there is gore, it is NOT over the top, which...

Go see this movie!

By JBarnes916
This was an excellent movie! The performance by all the major players, but specifically Anthony Hopkins, Benecio Del Torro (despite Benicio's death scene in the very end), and Hugo Weaving were...

The Wolfman brings nothing new to the table

By TheBearJew\m/
The Wolfman was just a a throwback to the 1940's film that didn't bring anything new to the genre of horror. All the actors played one-dimensional characters who didn't wow us or shine bright. The...

I was SOOO letdown!!

By KoolKari
I went to a sneak preview expecting to see a great movie. It was not. It was in a word, "CHEESEY." The wolfman looked comical. The howling was over the top. Everyone was laughing when it was...

The Wolfman review

Love Anthony Hopkins but this was below him......

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Rated R | For bloody horror, violence and gore
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Common Sense Media says Official monster remake is extra gory -- and a bit flat.
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