By Jat1324
Written September 21, 2013
I am in my 60's and The Wizard of Oz is my favorites movie. I have seen it more times than I can count. I can recite most of the dialog and all the songs. In fact, my entire home is decorated with WOZ pictures, figures, blankets, pillows, and anything else you can imagine. I was also named after Judy Garland and have pieces sign by Jerry Marin and other Munchkins. I just came back from the Judy Garland home and museum in Grand Rapids Minnesota. While I thought the 3D was good, I have seen better. I understand this is because of the age of the movie. Considering that, I do feel that the ticket price was way too high. the quality of the movie was not worth the price.
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Enhanced Wizard of Oz

By Palmtree930
Written September 23, 2013
Admittedly, I am a fan(atic) of the Wizard of Oz. I immensely enjoyed the enhanced color and the 3D aspect of the movies. In particular, the flying monkeys and the forest came to life as did Munchkinland. The enhanced colors were great. You could really see the details of the characters and their costumes. All of the scenes in color were were beautiful. Seeing the movie in 3D was a happy experience!! Definitely worth seeing!!
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Wizard of Oz..IMAX 3D was GREAT

By ochisfam
Written September 27, 2013
IThe Wizard of Oz was unbelievable in IMAX 3D....I have seen the movie many times and loved this version..the movie images seemed so crisp and I couldn't help getting tears in my eyes a few times. The color was beautiful and the music lovely. I first saw the movie when I was around 5 years old in the movie theater when I think it was the 10th anniversary of the movie, and it was fun seeing another generation of little children enjoying this timeless movie.
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Wizard of Oz

By morosoff
Written September 12, 2014
Saw "Wizard of Oz" in IMAX 3-D. The enhancements added to my appreciation for its amazing detail. And in 3-D the twister, Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys looked more frightening than ever. And the story's not bad, either.
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BEYOND wonderful

By adnil691
Written September 23, 2013
A lifelong Wizard of Oz lover, I have seen this movie more times than most people and more times than I can count. And this showing of it was beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot express just how wonderful it was. I felt like I was in the poppies, I was with Dorothy as she met each character, I was experiencing everything with them, .... You know it's a phenomenal movie when a packed theater of people applauds when it ends. I loved the 3D version immensely. This is what Oz was meant to be from the beginning. Judy, Ray, Bert, Jack, and the others would be so happy with what was done. Quick note: another reviewer said part of the movie was cut. They went to the wrong movie; nothing has been cut. Every perfect scene is just where it should be. Go. You must see this movie while you can. A classic that's as much so now as it was 75 years ago. Or more.
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