The Wizard of Oz: An IMAX 3D Experience Synopsis
The IMAX release The Wizard of Oz will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of An IMAX 3D Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology.

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By Jat1324
I am in my 60's and The Wizard of Oz is my favorites movie. I have seen it more times than I can count. I can recite most of the dialog and all the songs. In fact, my entire home is decorated with...

Enhanced Wizard of Oz

By Palmtree930
Admittedly, I am a fan(atic) of the Wizard of Oz. I immensely enjoyed the enhanced color and the 3D aspect of the movies. In particular, the flying monkeys and the forest came to life as did...

Wizard of Oz..IMAX 3D was GREAT

By ochisfam
IThe Wizard of Oz was unbelievable in IMAX 3D....I have seen the movie many times and loved this version..the movie images seemed so crisp and I couldn't help getting tears in my eyes a few times. ...

Wizard of Oz

By morosoff
Saw "Wizard of Oz" in IMAX 3-D. The enhancements added to my appreciation for its amazing detail. And in 3-D the twister, Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys looked more frightening than ever. And the...

BEYOND wonderful

By adnil691
A lifelong Wizard of Oz lover, I have seen this movie more times than most people and more times than I can count. And this showing of it was beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot express just how...


By ddnezi
If you get the chance to see this in the theater you really should do it!. It's a completely different experience than seeing it at home even if you have a big TV screen. Seeing this with a large...


By linda168
Every year when The Wizard of Oz came on TV, my dad would talk about the first time he saw it. At the moment Dorothy stepped in Oz, the entire audience gasped because even though they knew it was...

Timeless Movie

By rpp931
I took my family to see one of my all time favorites "The Wizard of Oz". It did not disappoint. I loved seeing the classic in IMAX 3D. My 6 year old daughter was so engrossed in the movie and...

Wizard of Oz in 3-D OH MY!

By sharebear_22
I absolutely loved seeing the Wizard of Oz in 3d. I've seen this movie hundreds of times. I saw things this time around that I hadn't noticed before. It was awesome. I want to go again but we...

Wizard of Oz IMAX 3D

By ben258
Exceeded our expectations. Only disappointment was in the minimal advance publicity given. Only found out about it by chance after it had already been showing for five days. Sheer luck I was...

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Rated PG | For Some scary moments
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Common Sense Media says Even decades later, one of the best family films ever made.
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