A must-see event...

By Kat_Dunn
Written September 10, 2009
The promise of first-ever big screen HD airing is very exciting - as is the shared experience of running the film in Kerasotes theatres around the country on the same day and time. It reminds me of when we used to all gather together as kids at one another's houses to see the "Annual Showing" of this classic (decades before there was home video). There was a feeling of collective community because you knew simply EVERYONE else in the country was watching, too. I swear, you could actually feel it - that sense of shared community. We even had kids parties wrapped around the annual TV airing of The Wizard of Oz. Friends would all get together eat and have fun until the moment when the MGM lion would roar and we'd sit silent and breathless in front of the television.
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Love the movie!

By Lmhodge
Written September 25, 2009
I love this movie and I enjoyed being able to watch it at the Theater for the first time.
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Five Word Review

By talbottdj
Written November 18, 2009
Fantastic Magical Beautiful Imaginative Interesting
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Disappointing Hi Def Experience

By thomas3838
Written September 24, 2009
This review doesn't reflect the content of The Wizard of Oz. The focus of the review is the Hi Def promotion. I saw the movie at King of Prussia Stadium 16. The limited, repetitive slide trivia before the Making of the Wizard of Oz was okay, but more exuberant previews / teasers could have been used. I enjoyed the Making of the Wizard of Oz prior to the movie. I was under the assumption that the Hi-Def experience would produce a superior viewing experience, I was expecting a higher black and white and color resolution. It didn't appear to have additional scenes included in the movie, but rather snippets during the Making of. The sound appeared to be in mono and only in front. I assumed that the sound would be remastered into a surround sound experience. After the movie, a Microsoft Word Desktop view appeared on the screen, this gives me the assumption that the event was either streamed on the Internet or was on DVD, instead of using the usual projection equipment.
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Wizard of Oz

By luvsfilm
Written September 24, 2009
The ultimate classic in high-def.
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