The Witness (Wo Shi Zheng Ren) Synopsis
Based on the 2011 Korean thriller called THE BLIND, THE WITNESS finds a blind woman (Yang Mi) and a delivery boy (Lu Han) witness to a hit-and-run case, though each has contradictory recollections of the event.

Movie Reviews

Love Yangmi (Mini)

By milliewang2013
Oh my god! This is seriously THE BEST Chinese movie I have had ever seen. It's great! I especially like the main female character (Yangmi/Mini). She is acting as a blind "retired" police officer....

Amazing movie!

By yl3619
This movie is sooo good! I felt really sorry for the blind girl in the movie and the ending is sooo beautiful! The actress is so hot and I can see she is a really good actress. Anyway it's really...

Simply Awesome

By RoxasAngell
Went to see it because Luhan is in it, but this is actually an amazing movie, even if he wasn't in it haha. Lots of suspense, a bit of fear, a couple cringe-worthy moments, multiple humorous bits...

Wonderfully done!

By mymonster10
Finally after waiting so long. I saw this in theaters Saturday! It was soooo amazingly good! There was a bunch of awesome creepy chill down your spine factors. It was perfect for Halloween viewing~ ...

Love Luhan acting

By chawalai12
This is the best Chinese movie and Luhan acting has improved a lot. Can't wait to see other movie that Luhan act....

The Best!

By jacquelinedesantiago
This movie made me cry and made me jump from all the action scenes it literally had me at the edge of my seat! 10/10 recommend! And Luhan was just the cutest ever!...

Good Movie

By shc219
Impressed by the performance of Lu Han. He did a really good job on being a “Beijing gangster". Love it!...

Good movie

By mayaavan
Check it out. ????????????...

Amazing movie!!!everyone showed their talent

By jiangyiqun1996
The story is really breath-taking!!Luhan is so cute and handsome!!!!...

By carlmoy585
Thrilling movie...slightly over the top but had that Die Hard type of feel to it...

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Rated PG-13