The Witches

By Cool Movie Guy
Written September 21, 2007
Cool people. I like the part when the Grand Tye Witch turns into the nasty monster thing with the huge nose and gigantic fingers.At the meeting, the screen was tiny. When I read the book, I imaginaed it a lot bigger. I did not finish the book or the movie yet. In the movie, I'm on the part when the kids' running from those bald weirdos, In the book I'm on the part where Luke meets Grandmama as a mouse. Cool movie, Great book. The book is a tiny bit better. and how does the Grand Tye Witch's nose shrink into the mask? better book.
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family movie

By Chickenlover/77
Written September 06, 2012
Great movie for the family (that is if your kids are not deathly afraid of witches) no nakedness no profanity, great story line, grand ending.
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By ethandavis2010
Written June 11, 2016
Loved this intriguing movie,read the book as well and loved it!
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