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The Wild Life Synopsis
Stranded sailor Robinson Crusoe unites with a group of quirky animals to foil two conniving cats.
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wild life

By rehling23

Mind numbing

By marks065
What did I just sit through? There were barely any funny parts...for kids or adults. The visuals were good, but that's about it. This is one of those movies that should have gone straight to video....

By gojji54

Take an energy drink

Graphics were amazing but then story was ridiculous and it lacked any adult humor AND lots of kid humor! They really should have tested this story with kids before rushing it out!...

No, just no

By jackrexrode
Why was this movie made? I'll tell you, money. Money money money. Honestly, people don't care about good movies anymore. It's just, blah. This is the worst offender in years. Playing on a child's...

Kids found it boring

By coririzzo711
They were asking when it was over...

Waste of time and money

By mastertech512
Why would they even put this movie in he theater. Stupid ***movie....

The Wildlife

By Gcruise815
Boring! My daughter, 6, wanted to go home and go to bed. We didn't laugh at all. We were happy to see it end......

The Wild Life

By noniemq
The children were very upset about the dog,Angus dying and that the cats were so evil. They are both animal lovers. We wouldn't have gone if we knew. Very disappointed....

Top Notch Visuals

By Funsmartmoviesplease
The artists who worked on this visual feast deserve 6 stars - truly great! The script and voice acting are unfortunately 2 stars at best. As I enjoyed the excellent 3D I wished I could mute it, and...

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Rated PG | For Some Rude Humor and Mild Action/Peril
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Common Sense Media says Forgettable talking-animal adventure has some scares.
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