Widows Might A Must See !!!!!!

By drainsand
Written April 13, 2009
Saw this movie at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) when they Won Best of Festival winning over Fireproof” and “Expelled This is a must see.
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A Family Film With A Lot of Heart

By kyleprohaska
Written April 09, 2009
When the lights went down at The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, it was a packed house. It was the last major showing of the festival, and it knocked the audience out of their chair and got them to stand up more than 3 times after the film was over. I have NEVER seen such a response from an audience, the noise was ear busting. Overall this film was wonderful, and the audience it played to and will be sold to absolutely loved it. John Moore has done something really special here, let this be a lesson to all of you. If you create a good story idea, make sure you can sell it, and make sure you know WHO you are selling it to. All your decisions should revolve around that, this film is only one of many that prove that point. Know your audience, and know them well. This film doesn't include the gospel, but it wasn't made for the non-Christian. This film was made to be clean, family viewable entertainment for the Christian household. It fits the bill, and fits it well.
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Beautifully shot and edited!

By msherman1
Written April 10, 2009
The cinematography in this movie was brilliant! Very well shot and edited. This movie is a must see.
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Widow's Might

By grammy of 3
Written April 16, 2009
We drove from Omaha to Sioux City to see this movie and it was well worth it! We applaud all these new producers, actors, singers,ect who are stepping forward to bring these type of movies to the public. We pray that more movies of this caliber will continue to be produced. May God Bless you all. Sharon & Doug Stone SEE IT it was great!
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Great fun for the family

By FogJuice
Written April 10, 2009
At last here is a movie I can recommend to people who want to watch with their whole family. While children will enjoy it, it's entertaining for people of all ages. And the subject is delivered in a way that gets the audience to think.
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