The Widow's Might Synopsis
Aspiring filmmakers dream of winning the prestigious American Viewfinder film festival, but face a serious of comedic obsticles along the way.

Movie Reviews

Widows Might A Must See !!!!!!

By drainsand
Saw this movie at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) when they Won Best of Festival winning over Fireproof” and “Expelled This is a must see....

A Family Film With A Lot of Heart

By kyleprohaska
When the lights went down at The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, it was a packed house. It was the last major showing of the festival, and it knocked the audience out of their chair...

Beautifully shot and edited!

By msherman1
The cinematography in this movie was brilliant! Very well shot and edited. This movie is a must see....

Widow's Might

By grammy of 3
We drove from Omaha to Sioux City to see this movie and it was well worth it! We applaud all these new producers, actors, singers,ect who are stepping forward to bring these type of movies to the...

Great fun for the family

By FogJuice
At last here is a movie I can recommend to people who want to watch with their whole family. While children will enjoy it, it's entertaining for people of all ages. And the subject is delivered in...

A must see family film

By Pcoghlan
I saw the premier of this film at the festival and can't wait to see it again! Well written, well produced, and just plain fun. My kids were captivated by this movie and yours will be...

Larry Winters & Terry Taylor in The Widow's Might

By mooremot
I loved seeing Larry Winters and Terry Taylor on the big screen! They both did awesome jobs! A must see movie!...

The Widow's Might

By nieciereed
Absolutely stunning cinematography!!! More than family-friendly! Beautiful singing and songwriting! Hilarious! Great acting! It had it all! The best movie I've seen in years!...

The Widow's Might - My new favorite movie. :0)

By dawn10379
I loved this film! I was so impressed with how well it was done and written. My whole family loved it. It is nice to have a movie that the whole family can watch and not be afraid of being offended!...


By bellilefamily
My whole family loved The Widow's Might. It was refreshing in that there wasn't so much "shock and awe" so it was truly authentic. We were all totally into the movie from the beginning (children,...

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