The Who - Can you see the real me?

By leighstones
Written July 25, 2012
Soooo dissapointed with the AMC or whomever as 1/2 way through the documentary it ended with AMC stating that this was due to a poblem with the recording ?????? So looking forward to the whole documentary as it was / it is apart of me !! Oh well ! Roll-on Saturday 3rd November 2012 when The Who will be playing LIVE in Orlando !!
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Quadrophenia: "Can You See The Real Me?"

By rWhiteFang
Written July 25, 2012
"Quadrophenia" and "A Quick One" are my two favorite Who albums. I had debated going to see "the movie" as I had heard mixed reviews from my friends in the UK... On the day of, I said, "WTF" and decided to go... Besides being a "Pete show" (consider him the host of his creation), you had Roger as well as (circa 2002) and of course Keith on a urinal giving commentary. Additionally, you had the original photographer of the LP booklet, the original mixer, Richard Barnes and a few others associated with the original recording and studio which they were building at that time. It had more of a "The Kids Are Alright" feel (in an older, geriatric way) than some of the other documentaries they slapped together over the years. Mixed in where lots of original footage ("Quad" live, studio, etc...) Pete and Roger looked great - enjoy! -r
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I love a good backstory

By marbel815
Written July 25, 2012
Now when I hear tracks from the album "Quadrophenia", I will know what was behind the story of the boy named Jimmy. Although "Tommy" was the rock opera also written and composed by Pete which most people remember, "Quadrophenia" is perhaps a richer more dramatic operetta based on the times and actual experiences in Brighton, England. The concert footage at the end of the film after the credits is outstanding, If you are a devotee of The Who, try to find this documentary.
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If you're a Who Fan, you'll love this

By vmitro1
Written July 25, 2012
There weren't that many people in the theater to my surprise. But at the end of the movie, it was about 50% full. I was happy to be a part of the people that didnt miss this screening. This was a great story of how Quadrophenia was born. I loved it. This was awesome. Anything this band does, is something that I will always watch. It always tells a story. Either in reality with how their entire career is a series of tragedies, or in fantasy with the concepts that Pete has created. If you are a true Who fan you are never disappointed. This also has personal significance for me, because even as a 10 year old, when I heard Who are You released on the radio, I knew it was something special then. It was the beginning of rock and roll for me. And at that time, they were the Men. I always get reflective whenever I hear a Who song. Always. With this band, I find it fun to visit my own past. Then I am happy to have come this far, in the present... just like the surviving members.
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By jtaylor1228
Written July 25, 2012
I LOVE this album and now that I know the story behind it let's me LOVE it even more. Fascinating and Brilliant. Pete Townshend does a down to earth incredible job as narrator. Going thru the Album, explaining Johnny and the person he is, the real people in the Album pictures, how it all came about - Brilliant. A true work of Art. "The Story Behind the Album" is the true name of this Amazing feature. I Loved it and I Love the WHO. Such Spirituality. They have and will always be a huge part of my Journey. I am so grateful I now understand the true meaning of "Quadrophenia" I would urge everyone to see and be a part of this incredible creativity.
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