The Wilson Boys Have Done It Again!

By djh4gators
Written May 22, 2007
Funny, romantic, quirky, campy, ironic. I loved it.
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Slow plodding little movie

By Whistler
Written May 20, 2007
I really wanted to like this movie. The Wilson brothers, in the right hands, can be very funny and even moving, but they should have let someone else direct this slow plodding little film. It had a nice heart, but it was like a movie on downers. When is something going to happen?! When something did happen it was all in slo mo. It really wasted several good character actors, Seymore Cassell and Harry Dean Stanton. The best parts were with Will Ferrell who was in the movie for only a couple minutes. A better editor might have helped pull this off.
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This movie couldn't even make it as a 10th rate TV show

By njody
Written May 22, 2007
This was one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen and I really like Owen and Luke Wilson. It was so pointless and silly and made no sense. And what was Kris Kristofferson doing in it? He was in the shadows athe whole time and barely spoke as though he was emabarassed to be seen or heard. I don't blame him.
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barely mediocre

By mpatino34
Written May 29, 2007
i would wait for dvd.
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Utter Disappointment

By brendanchristopher
Written May 24, 2007
Luke Wilson's writing and acting lacked any sense of heart. Luke's performance never felt honest. It's hard to imagine this is the same Luke as "The Bomber" in Royal Tennenbaums or "Anthony" in Bottle Rocket. This performance by Luke had no balls.
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