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A fact-based story centered on soldiers who escaped from a Siberian gulag in 1940.
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Beautiful scenery and photography.

By Nacho Baggo
More of a history and geography piece than anything else, but it is beautifully filmed. Ed Harris & Colin Farrel are fine enough in this prison work camp (Gulag) escape movie. The films wraps up well...

Wonderful film

By Spartacus2000
An epic story of human will and survival and solidarity shot in multiple locations, based on the book The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom with the subject of the Soviet Union labor...

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By karialire
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Deeply moving tale of survival

By The_Separator
Peter Weir's tale of escapees from a Siberian camp who walk to India. A must see for anyone who has a heart.

Great Movie

By nuzman9
This is one of the best movies of the year. Its the best story about the Russian Gulag since "One Day in the Life of Ivan Disenovich."And while it is a story of survival, at its heart is a love...

Great Survival Movie

By movie-pro
A beautiful survival movie. The photography is awesome. I had not even seen the previews for this movie before I went to it. Not ever heard of it. I was very pleased with the show....

Millennia after the advent of literacy, this is the best we could do?

By DoDad
Here's how this review would read if it were a word bubble in a British comic strip: zed zed zed zed zed zed. The script is so bad, it actually contains the completely unironic lines "Go on without...

The Way Back

By StevenAlex
Awesome! Ebert just isn't right. It doesn't need the men vying for the girl's affections. She wins them all over, especially Mister, who dislikes her at first. Anything else would detract from...

Based on a true life events

By shelly808
A story of courage & will. An excellent MUST SEE film! Saw it with a friend, and will see it again with my husband in a couple of weeks!...

The Way Back

By Barbie
What a fantastic movie! From start to finish. Riveting. Acting superb. Location beautiful. Takes your breath away. I would go again! Definitly not to be missed....

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Rated PG-13 | For violent content, depiction of physical hardships, a nude image and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Rousing but intense war/wilderness survival adventure.
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