The Wave Synopsis
A geologist and his family fight for survival when a massive landslide causes a 250-foot tidal wave.
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Movie Reviews

By themiddle94
Slow start but very good, intense, emotional movie...

Good Movie

By lucy528
In general its a good movie but predictable....


By ArtHouseGuy65
A great thriller! Really enjoyed it! A foreign film made of the stuff american blockbusters are. It was fun!...

Looks Great! "Could Not Emagine"

By crsbrsars1

Good disaster movie

By khansonsepe
I enjoyed this one. Norway is a relatively small country, with fewer people than where I live in Chicago , Illinois. I liked this movie because - let me be honest, I'm 1/16 th Norwegian - but the...

Movie of absurdity and ill logic

By goldlizsts
Let's give it a plus on diligence, for its serious effort in making it, esp. the tsunami scenes. Outside of that 5 thumbs DOWN! First, we were very blurry of why Kristin came up with the theory...

The wave

I rented this on google play and i highly suggest you do the same. Put it on at night or in the afternoon, cuddle up with a blanky and have yourself a snoozefest!...

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Rated R | For Some language and disaster images.