By Nieshah
Written December 18, 2007
My son is 3 years old and he wants to see this movie and I'm going to take him.
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By tamney88
Written March 30, 2008
I think it was an awesome movie. It teaches very important lessons plus the meaning of friendship. It was quite a beautful movie and i will surely buy it when it come on dvd. AWESOME!!!
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Loch Ness Monster

By pytljc
Written March 30, 2008
Great Movie!!! Very cute ... family film ... Loved it.
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A fun film - doesn't leave you with much, but not a waste of time either

By Michael Palmeter
Written January 24, 2008
My two daughters (4 and 6) liked it a lot, but it didn't leave them with much - they haven't mentionmed it since the day we saw it. It was a fun family film, but (for us) was more of an excuse to go to the theater than a film we "had" to see.
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By iydse,iwky(organization)
Written March 23, 2008
this movie was kinda boring. but it was a cute little movie though.
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