You Really need Protection

By gadsit
Written February 28, 2017
The movie "The Watch" was not very humorous, and spent to much time trying to be cool! Like an unpopular kid at a social event over doing it, just to show attention... You really need protection from watching this movie. The Cast Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Aycade did not have the chemistry together that have with other actors. We can see there all have be carried in the past and can not lead the pack. If Jonah and Richard tried too step it up to the big leagues with the other two I feel it hurt their career. They team spent more time on trash talk than real humor. Although there were a few funny moments, the filth over rides those moments. Gadsit gives this movie 3G's... Gadsit
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Hilarious but definitely adult material

By maryacctg
Written March 24, 2017
Very very funny. Excellent casting. Great satire. Several scenes were hard to watch and seemed inappropriate in view of the Aurora incident - but then the movie was filmed prior. If you need some fun go see it. Particularly if you are a Men in Black fan.
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Late Night Watch

By rhwasc
Written July 29, 2012
Although a fun movie I'm shocked that with this talent it was not better than what was delivered. I wasn't disappointed. I could watch Stiller, Vaughn and Hill waiting for a bus but this did not live up to the potential shown in the trailer and my anticipation based upon there talent. If you're a fan go see it right away. It wouldn't be dreadful to wait for it won't survive long. You can watch it on a movie channel when some brand new potentially already cancelled television series is on.
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I mean u know what it is. . .

By indiguin82
Written July 28, 2012
I knew going into this to expect nothing but stupidity and that's what I got. This wasn't so great. The story line was ALL over the place. Bob and his daughter story line fit no where in this AT ALL!! There was a lot of ***** references that after a while just didn't make sense. Odd sex scenes. . .I mean things just happened that although funny because it was funny just made you think WTF!! Yes it was funny but it just made no damn sense. . .it's not worth it at the theater, def a redbox movie where if you don't pay attention it doesn't matter because what happens doesn't make sense anyway!! BLEH
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Comedy Classic

By Tonyp318
Written July 31, 2012
I read the reviews before I saw the movie and was scared that it might not be that funny. To all the people that reviewed it bad have no funny bones. This movie was great! I love dumb comedies aka zoolander, 40 yr old virgin, tropic thunder, old school, Anchor Man, and Dodge Ball. These are just a few to give you a sense of what I think is funny. So if you think the movies listed were funny, then you will love The Watch. Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill make this movie a instant classic.
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