1 hour, 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back...

By kate68
Written July 30, 2012
I didn't have high expectations, but this movie was an insult to anyone posessing a modicum of intelligence. It was EXCRUCIATING! The toilet humor couldn't even save it. The hard-core Vince Vaughn/Ben Stiller fan I saw this movie with was not only dissapointed, but disgusted. 6 couples in this not-even-close-to-being-packed theater walked out after the first 30 minutes. Should've followed...
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By greysolon
Written July 29, 2012
So much more boring than expected. Easily the worst Ben Stiller movie I've seen. Easily the worst Vince Vaughn movie I've seen. Easily the worst Jonah Hill movie I've seen. Incredible that all of them together are in such a flat, boring movie. Maybe five out-loud chuckles the entire time. Flat joke after flat joke. Ugh. Wait for the DVD-- and pass that by too.
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Just a little stiff

By markdocterman
Written July 31, 2012
The characters were all played predictably and that was a problem. Boring Stiller, overaged fraternity boy Vaughn, weirdo Hill and lost foreigner Ayoade. It's been seen before. They just weren't funny; they didn't even appear to be having fun. It was just a little stiff.
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The Watch

By kjstruck
Written July 30, 2012
Save your money!! I gave Stiller, Hill and Vaughn another chance and wasted our money. I don't think there was a script for this; they just ad-libbed as they went. My wife and I left the movie about half-way through. We have never done that in our twenty years together. This movie was predictable, vulgar and stupid - a waste of time and money. Take the money you would spend on this and go out and have dinner together - it would be better spent.
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Out of this world laugh riot!

By TyrannoSooZie
Written July 30, 2012
' The Watch' was phenomenal! Casting was great and the special and visual effects were amazing! I caught myself laughing through probably 90% of the movie. Casting was perfect for this comedy! To anyone who is thinking about seeing this, the universe needs you to. Go, go now, run don't walk! You will not be sorry.
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