I hated it

By lthompson25
Written July 29, 2012
The actors were great, the concept was great, but the way the movie gave the audience the plot was horrible...I didn't laugh much at all,and that is so unlike me. I love to laugh, but this movie didn't do it for me.
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The Watch is 2012's Alienbusters

By rosenay
Written July 30, 2012
For a film that doesn't know whether it's a raunchy comedy or a sci-fi thriller, "The Watch" actually succeeds, but far more as the latter, with some suprising splatter, some true suspense and a decent albeit not very original plot. Pelase read the rest of my review here: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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By sere
Written November 25, 2012
Maybe because we saw this at home for $3.99 through amazon that we enjoyed this movie, since this has many negative reviews. Not sure. I enjoyed the silly humor and silly plot. Mindless fun!
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The Watch

By rcd894
Written July 30, 2012
The Watch is filled with hilarious actors, Jonah Hill is def. a favorite! Pretty much every line in the movie is humorous. It was a somewhat stupid movie but extremely hilarious and not predictable at all! All in all it was a funny and well thought out movie. Probably not for kids under 16!
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Sci Fi meets Comedy???

By coachingkids
Written July 30, 2012
I for one really enjoyed the movie. My two boys and I laughed more times than I could remember in a movie. Some part not perfect for the boys but overall a winner.
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