By Zombiebraineaters
Written July 11, 2011
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Welcom back, Johnny!

By RevSeanKeller
Written July 11, 2011
There are two words tht perfectly describe The Ward: JOHN CARPENTER. If you know the name, you know that you need to see this film! The master is back with old-school, slow-burn suspence thrills and several truly effective jump scares. See it in theaters while you can!
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A Return to Form

By MichaelM24
Written July 11, 2011
John Carpenter crafts a spooky, old fashion ghost story that relies on the build-up of suspense and eerie atmosphere to deliver its scares, rather than gallons of unrelenting blood and gore. Carpenter proves he is still the master of horror and puts just about all other recent films that pass for horror, like the "Saw" movies, to shame. ****
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not bad

By merlindb3
Written July 09, 2011
Story line is fine but moves slow and is predictable at times
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i want to go see this movie but idk whete they r showing it

By jessicaboo001
Written July 10, 2011
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