The Wackness Synopsis
A troubled teen drug dealer trades pot for therapy sessions with a psychiatrist.
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By umustfollowme
Dont not go and see this because Josh Peck is in it and all he has done is Nick. that should be the reason you go and see it, go and see and then rate his acting ability, that is what ill be doing....

My new favorite movie

By sparrowhall
Imagine Say Anything set in NYC in 1994, and you get the idea. I laughed for 2 hours straight. The art direction and costume design is a pitch-perfect – from the Nintendo cartridges you had to blow...

the wackness....

By tgw723
i absolutely loved it! it was such a throw back to my high school years. its funny, the same problems that i had back then i have followed my friends and i into adulthood. i definitely recommend...


By kraelew
this movie was just really wierd.. and really stupid.. i wouldnt watch it again! and i cant believe i went and seen it!! it just goes really slow.!...

yo yo check it out made note!

By starlite kisses
This was one of the best movies i've never seen. The sheer epicness alone is enough to scare me into not seeing it. I would rate this masterpiece 69 out of 10. I know a lot of people are stating how...

You'll love it if you grew up in the early 90s.

By germommah
You wouldn't GET it if you didn't grow up during those times. I loved it. Took me waaay back. Great music, great writing, hilarious, great acting. Definatley a MUST GO for those who loved the...


By xAshley Arsenicx
I'm appalld that this movie is "Limited" to the theaters. Just because its an indie film. The Nearest Theater to me that is showing This movie is New York City and i'm over 1,000 miles away from NYC....

loved it

By AshBash44
i saw this movie and absolutely loved it!!! i thought the dialogue was creative and witty and loved Peck in this movie. I would definitely reccomend the wackness to my friends!!!!...


By austin123456
stupid movie...

Must see for hip-hop kids of the 90s

By jro138
I totally identified with this light-hearted coming of age story. The soundtrack was great---I can say this was the same soundtrack that played for many of the same things that I went through as a...

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Rated R | For pervasive drug use, language and some sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Bittersweet coming-of-age pic about a pot dealer.
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