The Visitor - Worth The Ticket

By RichardInColorado
Written May 16, 2008
Worth the price of a ticket! Interesting journey...mixture of tempo and heart warming story lines that weave into an exploration of immigrants rights. Richard Jenkins, as Walter Vale, is a disillusioned professor who has disconnected from his soul. He slowly reconnects to a joy that he hasn’t known since the loss of his wife…and re-discovers life from a dimension he has never known. Accept the slow pace...and don't drink caffine prior to viewing.
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The Visitor

By deanlockhart
Written May 13, 2008
Quiet, original, tender, moving. The Visitor takes its time to make you care about Walter Vale and the empty life he leads. Richard Jenkins delivers a masterful portrayal of a college professor who has had all the passion rung out of his life. A strange turn of events introduces him to two illegal immigrants who are mysteriously renting his apartment in NYC. The surprising relationship he develops with this Syrian drummer begins to give him a reason to wake up and see what his life has become until his new friend is imprisoned and awaits deportation. Both director/writer McCarthy and Jenkins expertly avoid the obvious and risk underplaying rather than overplaying the vignettes within the movie. What results is a genuine opportunity to be inspired by how relationships can drop you into deep despair, but also reveal hidden reservoirs of compassion. The Visitor is closer to LIFE than HOLLYWOOD. If you prefer cookie-cutter storytelling, you might just miss the magic in this special gem.
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Not quite The Station Agent

By ShogunTee
Written April 29, 2008
But still a very good film. All praise to the criminally overlooked Richard Jenkins. He could teach a class on the art of subtlety in acting. Brilliant.
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The Visitor

Written May 04, 2008
This was the best movie I have seen in a long time . The casting was excellent, and the script was great.
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A Spirited Movie...A Study of Several Interesting People...

By norm_the_moviegoer
Written May 15, 2008
I know that I am in a minority, but I enjoyed this movie a lot. It will appeal to people interested in people. The characters portrayals are very rich. The feelings of Walter, the genuineness and kindness of Tarek, the fears of Zainab, and the strength and loving support of Mouna are all beautifully portrayed through the words, body language, and actions of the players.
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