Very Manipulative of Youth

By al_soto
Written March 29, 2015
The pic describes a clique who have to get high each time that a member of their group loses their virginity. Most of the movie is about the one boy who can't seem to lose it, first because he breaks up with his girlfriend and then he gets made a fool of on youtube by a lady who takes advantage of him still being a virgin. There is no parental supervision, except that perhaps the parents want their kids to go have sex and be de-flowered. There is certainly zero, zilch, nada sense of morality, character, or bodily control. I failed to see how the movie was comical, or reflected life, or art. It was a cheap and nasty money-maker meant to draw youth to the theater and manipulate them with more of the same de-virginizing theme seen in other useless movies.
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Must see!

By LindsayRG
Written September 20, 2010
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Five Word Review

By DonnyE
Written September 16, 2010
Hysterical Cutting Edge Teen Comedy
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The Virginity Hit

By jahall9791
Written September 20, 2010
Loved the movie...very entertaining and the actors were amazing. Highly recommend this movie. Krysta was my absolute favorite...great performance by all
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Virginity Hit

By fhp6
Written September 26, 2010
Absolutely a waste of my time and money. Would not recommend for anyone to view this film.
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