By Dennis Harvey of Daily Variety

By threatlevelred
Written January 13, 2009
Feeling as crustily comfortable as its titular environ, "The Village Barbershop" is an old-hat story -- curmudgeon grudgingly takes in brash youth, with eventual life-enhancing benefits for both. But in this case, the old hat is well worn, and debuting writer-director Chris Ford has blown most of the dust off. Result is a cannily low-key charmer…Co-winner (with "Sherman's Way") of the feature-narrative audience award at Cinequest, "Barbershop" is indeed a crowdpleaser, if the kind (no marquee stars, skewing toward older auds) that seldom finds a place in the theatrical marketplace these days -- which is too bad, since this is precisely the sort of movie people who no longer go to movies often complain "they just don't make anymore."…"The Village Barbershop" is just as warm, humorous and ingratiating as it means to be, with solid work by all principal cast.
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