It was okay

By seanboom1
Written June 24, 2012
This movie was kind of boring some jump parts just not all the time I'd give it 5-10
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Good thought provoking movie.

By Varvaro
Written August 27, 2010
I rented this one knowing that everyone says M. Night Shyamalan is a one hit wonder with the sixth sense being his only good film. After seeing this I must disagree. Although it is a slow moving movie the ending is worth it. When you realize what is really going on it turns out to be a great twist. Although it could have been presented and led up to in better ways I still enjoyed this film a lot. I believe this film didn't really get the recognition it deserves so go out and give this one a chance if you have not already.
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By Therumrunner5
Written February 26, 2016
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