Like reading a mystery thriller...

By pomspringz
Written July 15, 2008
With a wonderfully haunting score by Ennio Morricone, which would be enough reason to go to any movie, the Unknown Woman or La Sconosciuta is like viewing a modern-day mystery/action/ thriller novel written by a Lee Child or Peter Robinson. Although there are some truly graphic scenes, which are difficult to watch, the film has an underlying sensitivity that could only be done by the Italians. The central character, Irina, played by Kseniya Rappoport, is a Ukranian woman, who goes to Northern Italy, and becomes involved in a complex situation with a family, whose livelihood revolves around metalworking and engraving. There are multiple cat-and-mouse scenes and flashbacks to Irina's youth, which allows the viewer to piece together the extremely intricate plot. This is really a "Must Go" movie, and some viewers will love it. I gave it a "Go" only because of the intensely brutal scenes and some painful interactions between Irina and the Italian family's very young daughter.
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