The Unknown Known Synopsis
Donald Rumsfeld discusses his political career, from his days in Congress to war in Iraq.
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The New York Times

By A.O. Scott
The film is a cat-and-mouse game in which each player thinks he’s the cat, making it both thrilling and disconcerting to watch. It is also...
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Boston Globe

By Mark Feeney
“The Fog of War” (2003), about McNamara, won Morris a best documentary feature Oscar. The Unknown Known takes its title from a favorite...
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Amounts to a valuable if tremendously damning commentary on our current political culture.
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The Dissolve

By Scott Tobias
The fact that Morris applies the same basic methodology to The Unknown Known that he did to the The Fog Of War makes the contrast between...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Intoxicating, and at times maddening, to watch.
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By Angie Errigo
Dedicated to Morris’ champion, Roger Ebert, who would be proud, this is a provocative, revelatory and disturbing film.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
This film, which might have been called "The Fog of Words," isn't haunting, but dismaying. Mr. Rumsfeld is, as always, articulate,...
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By Scott Foundas
Ranging over familiar material, but made vivid by Morris’ fecund associations and invigorating stylistic flourishes.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bill Stamets
Focusing on Rumsfeld’s 2001-06 stint at the Pentagon, Morris scrutinizes his rhetoric and rationale for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan....
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
To take the playfully convoluted, semi-nonsensical aggression of Rumsfeld's language and make it the whole point of a movie is to fall into...
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Wordplay as substitute for genuine reflection

By jdflynn2011
This movie does not deliver the satisfaction of Morris' Fog of War interview with a sadder, wiser former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, mainly because this subject, Donald Rumsfeld, still...

The Known Unknown

By jmkearn879
I found it quite disappointing in most respects. First let me say that I'm not a Rumsfeld fan--nor am I agin him--nor a supporter of our invading Iraq, But the producer just did a bad job in my...


By cmclaren7
Why the Bush cabinet was not prosecuted for treason is beyond me. This film convinced me that Donald Rumsfeld is out of touch with reality. It is frightening to think that the prowl running our...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Disturbing Images and Brief Nudity