THE UNINVITED - needs more than an invitation to get us to watch it. GRADE: D

Written January 29, 2009
Wed. Jan. 27 - I just attended the advance press preview of this lack-luster remake of a 2003 Korean horror movie - A Tale of Two Sisters. This 1.5hr mediocre 'horror' fare is a definite yawner that I was aching to leave the theater half-way through the movie. The scary scenes relied too much on loud sound effects to deliver the scares. And although the plot has a twist at the end, it did not save this movie from being downright boring. Not enough creepiness! Compared to THE UNBORN which over-explained itself, THE UNINVITED never quite pins down whether it is truly a horror-ghost story or otherwise - and the audience will be left wondering what exactly did they just watch. C'mon, at least give us better explanations! The holes in the plot were too glaring! VERDICT: Stay away from this dumb senseless re-make. The preview audience were laughing instead of being terrified - it's that BAD. If you must watch it, at least don't pay to see it. Or wait for the DVD-rental.
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Don't listen to the other reviews:

By photography4lif3
Written February 08, 2009
I thought 'The Uninvited' was a good movie. I jumped a few times and there were scary parts! Yes the twist ending was strange, I didn't find it as confusing as all the other reviewers wrote though. You have to play very close attention to every single part in the movie because they are all hints.
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When will the Asian Horror Remake trend end????

By DjJoeycub
Written January 29, 2009
As a fan of the film that "The Uninvited" is based off of , "A Tale Of Two Sisters", I will say this from the start. For those that haven't seen the original I would reccomend starting here and seeing the "Americanized" version. That said, I had to remind myself after the first 15 minutes of this movie to completely block out the original. Once I did this I found myself getting sucked in and enjoying what I was an extent. The film is ably acted by all the principles especially Elizabeth Banks who will chill you and is well shot. The real problem is the script which feels "dumbed down" a bit and formulaic. Is the film worth seeing? Yes, the ending will have you talking on your way out of the theater...just dont expect a ton of gore. This is a thriller through and through with hints of supernatural elements. The crowd I saw the film with were clearly the uninitiated to the original and enjoyed it and were talking about it a lot. You decide if you like it....
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Director took too much from other movies

By niccwag
Written January 12, 2009
What Lies Beneath (2000, starring Michelle Pfiffer and Harrison Ford) looks exactly like the promos for this movie. It may not be the same subject but it is the same visualizations. Down to the tub scene. They should sue.
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the unborn

By cuttiepie346
Written January 12, 2009
you got to see it. it is the best.
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