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Prompted by a ghost, a lethal battle of wills ensues between sisters and their father's fiancee.
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THE UNINVITED - needs more than an invitation to get us to watch it. GRADE: D

Wed. Jan. 27 - I just attended the advance press preview of this lack-luster remake of a 2003 Korean horror movie - A Tale of Two Sisters. This 1.5hr mediocre 'horror' fare is a definite yawner...

Don't listen to the other reviews:

By photography4lif3
I thought 'The Uninvited' was a good movie. I jumped a few times and there were scary parts! Yes the twist ending was strange, I didn't find it as confusing as all the other reviewers wrote though....

When will the Asian Horror Remake trend end????

By DjJoeycub
As a fan of the film that "The Uninvited" is based off of , "A Tale Of Two Sisters", I will say this from the start. For those that haven't seen the original I would reccomend starting here and...

Director took too much from other movies

By niccwag
What Lies Beneath (2000, starring Michelle Pfiffer and Harrison Ford) looks exactly like the promos for this movie. It may not be the same subject but it is the same visualizations. Down to the tub...

the unborn

By cuttiepie346
you got to see it. it is the best....

Just okay.

By andrealorelei
The acting was definetely good, and there were a few scream worthy moments, but overall it was just okay. The story line was decent, although a bit confusing at times, until the end that is. The...

Better Then Expected

By OriginalMovieWatcher
I don't want to give out too much, but the movie was better then I expected. It wasn't great, but it wasn't THAT bad either. Got like two scares. I noticed around me the theatre really WASN'T...

the uninvited was cool

By twilight11111111
at the first part of the uninvited was scary and when anna looked under the refridginator was scary to those were the only scary parts in the movie. i was inspecting it to be more scary...

The Uninvited

By Aimoives13jm
The title did not make a lot of sense to me. BUT! this movie made you think and it was a great psychological thriller. It's really good, well acted, well portrayed, and is by far one of the best...

Th Univited??!?!??!!?

By volleychick13
It was a very good movie if you just want to hang out with ur BF or just some friends!!! It was great until the end then it got very confusing, i will have to see it again. Other than the ending......

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Rated PG-13 | For violent, language including sexual references, nudity and some drug use
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Common Sense Media says American remake of Korean horror film is violent but dull.
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