THE UNBORN = horror stillborn - stunted scarefest. GRADE: D-minus

Written January 12, 2009
I attended the special advance press screening of this BAD 'horror' movie last week - and I practically yawned through the entire 88 minutes of this Michael Bay produced over-indulgent mess. I could not decide if I was either watching a video of underwear commercial/modeling sessions or a comedy horror-flick - what with Odette Yustman prancing around in her tight skimpy underwear, and the scary scenes were at times comical. The cast's acting was mediocre at best - even the usually commendable Gary Oldman seemed bored in his role as Rabbi Sendak. And let's not even get started on the HORRIFIC dialogue/lines in the movie - who wrote this stuff??? Anyway, watch it at your peril - I'm glad I did not pay to watch this trash. VERDICT: Recommended for the most hardcore insatiable fans of horror movies. Otherwise, skip it or wait for the DVD. Note: At least this movie is better than The Ruins and most of the recent Japanese nonsensical horror films.
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The Unborn

By danejr
Written January 12, 2009
Pretty good movie but not as scary as I was expecting it to be. Showed most of the good part's in preview's.
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hopefully the bomb!!!!!

By oody_62
Written November 12, 2008
this move looks like it will be very good.but then we see a good movie preview and the movie sucks. anyhow, i wish the unborn well.
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Don't go

By bebop25
Written January 15, 2009
This movie sucked!!!! The story was the stupidist part. I mean come on! It didn't even make sense! Hated it! I want my money back please!
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The Unborn

By ICEEsol
Written January 09, 2009
If you are going to the movie theaters to go watch the UNBORN. Do not go. That has got to be the most retarded movie I have ever seen. The only reason why I would think anyone would want to watch it is because Odette Yustman (main character) is utterly beautiful. And somewhat resembles Megan Fox. So plz ppl. Save you $10 to go buy 10 tacos or something. I bet you that will be a lot more satisfying than wasting 1 1/2 hours of your life.
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