What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Ultimate Life is the sequel to 2007's faith-based inspirational drama The Ultimate Gift. Like the original, this follow-up has lots of feel-good (if overly obvious) messages about what money can (oil rigs, big houses) and can't buy (love, happiness), and how it's a person's friendships and family that count as their true legacy, not their monetary fortune. There's little objectionable content, but the movie's messages and themes about a well-lived life and the importance of family over fortune are best suited for tweens and up. There's one violent scene when a main character fights in World War II and is shot (but survives his injury), as well as some flirting and kissing and infrequent use of words like "hell."
  • Families can talk about The Ultimate Life's messages. What do you think the filmmakers are trying to say about fortune and family? What makes a person rich?
  • Red disregards a principal's advice because the man is educated but makes little money. Do you think someone's salary is the only measure of professional or personal success?
  • Why are rags-to-riches stories so compelling? What makes Red change his priorities? How does Red's journal influence his grandson, Jason?
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