Five Word Review

By vald
Written August 30, 2009
crude not romantic walked out
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The Ugly Truth is FAR FROM UGLY!!!

By vanessa791
Written July 19, 2009
Run, don't walk, to see this gem of a Rom-Com! I about fell out of my seat laughing so hard. I would like to say it is one of the best Rom-Coms in the past few years, but I have not seen The Proposal yet. However, this is definitely funny stuff. R-rated for sure for good reason, do not take kids to see this, it is adult fare. I thought it was cleverly written, the chemistry was great between the 2 main characters, & I was pleasantly surprised to see how funny Katherine Heigl could be. I do not watch Grey's Anatomy, but I have heard from numerous people that they do not like her character on that show, so they have all been trashing this movie based on that alone without even having seen this yet. I will definitely be seeing it a few more times while it is still playing at the theaters.
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better than expected

By miltsmom
Written August 08, 2009
I first read the review which only got an "F" but didn't say anything to my husband and our guest. We all loved it and could not stop laughing. It is well worth going to see....don't miss this as I'm afraid people will read the reviews and go from there. I highly recommend it.....IF your offended by strong language (sexual content) then take a pass...otherwise get ready to really enjoy and laugh your A%# off.
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By CityEatsSky
Written July 25, 2009
I am very picky about movies. But I thought this was a great movie!!! I was laughing continously. Do not listen to the REAL critics. Go see this amazing movie for yourself. Some say it was predictable but I loved that the battle between the two characters. DO NOT SAY that this is a crude movie because if you can watch Bruno, The Hangover, Knocked Up, Superbad... then you DEFINITELY can take this. There was no nudity just sexist jokes. I found it to be funny and I am a very single female, who probably messes up a lot of relationships... GO GO GO GO!!!
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The Ugly Truth

By Jeanclare
Written August 20, 2009
Loved this movie. IT was cute, lite, refreshing and funny. Nice to get that kind of a break from life. It was the first movie in a long time I have seen that was worth the money or time.
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