funny n cute even for a guy

By VioletVelasco
Written July 20, 2009
Katherine Heigl was perfect as a control freak who is looking for Mr Right, and Gerard Butler was super funny as this over-the-top chauvinist, who deep down was pretty much a softy. It was super funny, if the outcome was predictable, at least it made you laugh until the very end. I recommend it.
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Lightning Fast, Clever, Sarcastic, Witty and Fantastic

By Epiphany4u
Written August 02, 2009
The reviews by critics have made me realize that critics are STUPID. They applauded 'The Proposal' and 'The Hangover' while dissing this movie? Seriously... those movies are good, but they could have been DVD rentals no problem. Proposal definitely, decent, aside from Ryan Reynolds in a towel, totally not remarkable. Hangover... slapstick stooges and gross out fratboy stuff... entertaining, but hardly anything spectacular. This movie was clever, the direct sex talk was initially disconcerting but so matter-of-fact clever and used as emphasis to a valid point... loved it. Reminded me of Sex and the City. Every woman that is single, with an otherwise successful life, that is still looking for the 'ideal' mate... will relate.
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Must go

By metalmouth1906
Written July 27, 2009
This movie is the funniest movie that I have seen in a long time. I thought this movie was going to be a chick flick; however, this movie is for both men and women. People who haven't seen this movie go now and to the people who have seen it go again.
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Pretty Freekin Funny

By danny-booy
Written July 25, 2009
I know the fuddy duddy crowd and nay-sayers will be abundant. This is NOT a "Family" film. Sooo don't take your kids, then complain about having to explain to them the whole "fun" panties at the restaurant thing! My wife and I laughed out loud many times. BUT was not filthy by some of the modern movie standards. Go knowing you will laugh, hard sometimes : ) If you are wanting to critique this movie because its not "preaching a sermon"...don't waste your time...its not!
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Worth it!

By kbalon
Written July 24, 2009
Usually the husband gets talked into seeing the romantic comedies, but this time it was worth it. Very funny and even though predictable, it was better than expected. Certainly worth the matinee price.
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